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The spa is not the last. Earlier spas were located near a natural spring offering holistic wellness programs to the visiting public. The term is more than often referred in conjunction with healing and curing than wellness. Spa a remake of the Roman Royals. They developed a spa with a touch of class and a sense of luxury. In fact, they started using spas more or less like wellness centers, soaking in spring water, taking steam or hot air bath in a marble clad chamber, giving the body the luxury of soft massage, while swimming in the cool spring water and finishing with a relaxing drink.

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Present hectic pace of life , busy social life style belly top carrying corporate executives has created a profitable business opportunity for the hospitality industry - wellness travel. The concept of wellness is something completely different than curative or medical travel. Wellness is for healthy people who want to live healthier , whereas medical travel is for patients who want to do well . This fine distinction is traveling wellness spa and an interesting marketing issue.

The term spa is derived from Latin origin - Salus per Aqua literally translates as water gifted health. It is therefore not surprising that older wellness spots are located near natural springs as aqua therapy is considered the mother of all detox therapies . German health destinations like Baden Baden and Bad Neunehar , to name a few, have the prefix Bad , meaning spa or literally bath. Spa hotels and resorts now offer holistic wellness stays , physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in luxurious surroundings and atmosphere.

According to the first ever spa report published by Christine Tetreault at the 2008 Global Spa Summit in New York , the global spa economy stood at U.S. $ 250 billion. This confirms the fact that the economic downturn had no impact on wellness business.

Spa business has reached generate millions of jobs . It became very focused , dedicated and professional. Spas can be divided into three categories - day spa offering a specific therapy , destination spa- as the name suggests, this is a spa where guests stay healthier , have an entertaining time as the spa offers a range of treatments and pampering body therapies and finally spas that are more on clinical and medicine based treatments. The industry thrives on day spas in the citys hotels and spa destination resort hotels.

Spa planning for urban luxury hotel and spa is a very complex process. Since wellness is the main marketing tool , the planning and implementation team was fully aware of the various processes and procedures , flow activities , space planning , knowledge of latest spa , gym and therapy equipment, technology , lay outs etc. The spa planning and implementation team usually consists of a technical device , an interior decorator and facilities planner.

The staff at the spa plays an important role. They are educated and well trained in the various processes of therapy , and surgery . These include massages - Swedish, Thai, deep tissue etc , water therapies like flotation, water dance, Jacuzzi etc. Most spas offer yoga classes and a variety of alternative therapies such as Chinese , Egyptian, and many others.

Wellness is the focus of the entire concept , beauty therapies become an integral part of the spa . These are available for both men and women. The beauty segment includes areas like hair , face and body treatments. Food and Nutrition counseling is part of the spa management for residents and users Day Spa.

A well- planned spa hotel or spa has all the essentials and luxury city hotel or a luxury resort . Wellness stays are becoming the main activities for guests, as well as management . Well appointed rooms , State of the Art -equipped bathrooms, wow lobby , gourmet restaurants , bars, discos , lounges , business center, swimming pool and sports complex etc make the product complete .

As we look forward , we must keep in mind that good health and well-being is the most desirable wishes of the people , the demand for luxury, upscale spa hotel and Spa Resort always remain high , it is evergreen business corner. Forget heal ! Keep well ! is the mantra for a beautiful and comfortable life.


 Vestavěné skříně Amonit

Kvalitní, skvěle řešené a zároveň designově povedené vestavěné skříně, šatny, dělící příčky či obývací sestavy od naší firmy Amonit zhodnotí Váš byt nebo dům.

Vestavěné skříně STAKO

Díky vlastním výrobním kapacitám jsme schopni zrealizovat výrobu vestavěné skříně do 14 dnů od zaměření.

Originální kancelářský nábytek          

Sháníte kvalitní a designové vybavení kanceláří? Vyzkoušejte kancelářský nábytek od společnosti ELAN interior, která udává světové trendy.

 Pronájem bytu bez provize

Pronájem bytu Praha je nový koncept bydlení v zařízených apartmánech bez provize - přímo od majitele. Albertov Rental Apartments nabízí krátkodobé i dlouhodbé pronájmy vybevných bytů v Praze.

Vestavěné skříně Komandor

Úsporné a stylové řešení do vašeho bytu nabízí vestavěné skříně Komandor.

Bezpečnostní agentura působící po celé ČR

Vyberte si ze široké nabídky bezpečnostních, úklidových a dalších služeb, které Vám nabízí bezpečnostní agentura s dlouholetou tradicí.

Kvalitní vestavěné skříně

Praktický prvek do vašeho bytu,vestavěné skříně vysoké kvality od profesionálního výrobce.

Luxury fully furnished apartments for short-term rentals Prague . Located in the city center for great price.

Vyberte si betonárku v blízkosti vaší stavby.

Investiční zlato vám pomůže zhodnotit váš majetek.

Jsme Vám blízko - naše betonárny jsou na více než 70ti místech v ČR.

Nevíte jak vyřešit uspořádání bytu? Vestavěné skříně Vám ušetří potřebné místo.

Nedovolte, aby se pro Vás stěhování stalo noční můrou. Komplexní služby stěhování Praha pro Vás!